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Human Health Project is a free peer to peer health support community. Unlike other online health communities, we are a subscriber-supported, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit initiative dedicated to helping people around the world help each other with their healthcare. Our new site is launching soon!

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Quick FAQs

Q. What does the Human Health Project (HHP) do?
A. Human Health Project (HHP) provides a noncommercial and free forum for patients anywhere to connect and build community while supporting each other. More People, More Information, Better Health.

Q. How is the Human Health Project different from other online health sites?
A. Unlike other online health communities, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to peer to peer health support.

Q. How can I help HHP?
A. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about people we currently need to help us grow HHP.

Interview with Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Phil Harrington

Phil Harrington headshot

Q. How did you find your path?
A. Not fitting in from early on got me started on looking for my path. I was reading psychology and philosophy and writing poetry as a teenager. The sudden death of my dad at 49 when I was 18 and the great disruption to my mom and family left me with burning questions. My stumbling into alternative medicines, reading a host of books, meeting many people in the area and attending workshops culminated in a number of epiphanies in my early 30’s which set me on my path to this day.

Q. What is the biggest benefit that people can receive from Human Health Project?
A. Human Health Project (HHP) allows people to support and share information about their conditions with each other. In addition, HHP collects and grades treatment Outcomes data (what works/does not work) and gives this data back to HHP members. So on the ground, so to speak, it’s about people helping each other and at the same time HHP collects data on what works and does not work and gives it back to people to search.

Q. If there were one thing you could tell people to try to do that would help them on their journey, what would it be?
A. “Listen to and trust your intuition”
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